10,781 ft / 3,286 m


8,812 ft / 2,686 m


92 summits

Top climbing months

July   33%

June   27%

August   12%

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  • One of the 5 main volcanic peaks in the Washington Cascades and the 2nd most active crater after Mt. St. Helens
  • 2nd most glaciated Cascade volcano after Mt. Rainier with .43 cu miles of ice and snow
  • Known for its ridiculous amounts of snow, Mt. Baker Ski Area lies 9 miles northeast of the summit. In 1999 it set the world record snowfall in a single season at 1,140 in / 2,900 cm.
  • The Coleman-Deming route is the most popular. Requires glacier travel and potential crevasse navigation; usually attempted May-Aug due to better weather and low avalanche conditions.
  • Has 3 sub-summits: Sherman Peak and the Black Buttes (Colfax Peak and Lincoln Peak). The main peak of Mount Baker is called Grant Peak.
"After completing the Saranac Lake 6ers in April/May 2018, I went back with my niece Serena for Columbus Day weekend. Thank you for starting the Adirondack 29er Peak Challenge... we will be back next year : )" - lancehansen, Oct 6, 2018
"Sean and I started the hike to hogsback at 1ish after the drive and ferry approach. Alot of parties on the way down didn't make it due to an unsafe snow bridge. At camp we talked to a party that summited but they broke the bridge on the way back and weren't sure if there was a way up. We figured we would look and roped up at 130am. The snow conditions were great but there were alot of crevasses to navigate. We got to the broken snow bridge as the sun was coming up and spotted a route that looked ok but it was real steep right above the crevasse. We teamed up with another party of 2, using all " - MatthewWinterberg, Aug 7, 2018
"A fast and light attempt up the Colman Demming route. Started at the trailhead about 10PM, hikes the Heliotrop Ridge in the dark to the tongue of the glacier about 6000 feet. Ran out of gas about 8500 feet and turned back with another party from Mountain Madness. My climbing partner "Little Unkle" made it. Will attenpt again on a 2-3 day trip. 7500 feet climbing a day is a bit beyond my current abilities (with return trip down)." - markhadland, Jul 15, 2018
"We went up the Coleman-Deming route, starting leisurely on Saturday around 10 AM. We roped up at the top of the Hogsback, at the toe of the glacier. Snow was very soft. We put crampons on, but in retrospect, they weren't helpful. We camped at around 6800 feet, not at the Heliotrope Ridge camp (which was unnecessarily high and out of the way) or at the Black Butte High Camp (which had rock fall and, as far as we could tell, no running water). We had running water, but needed to shovel platforms. Because of the very hot day and soft snow, we got up 11 PM and departed at midnight. We reached th" - mathiasricken, Jul 15, 2018
"Had an awesome and challenging hike/climb to the summit of Mt. Baker over the weekend. Mark Hadland, Liz Fell Pauldine and Amber Smith, our guide from Mountain Madness commenced our adventure on Saturday evening at 10:30 pm at the Coleman Glacier Heliotrope Ridge Trailhead. It was very hard, but overall a great adventure. We reached the summit at around 8 am, minus Mark who returned after ascending to the ice fall on the Coleman Glacier at around 8,500 feet due to a knee injury. It was a long and hot descent back down the Roman Wall, the top part of the Deming Glacier and the Coleman glacier. " - joeerickson, Jul 14, 2018



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