10,781 ft / 3,286 m

#8 in Washington

#3,769 in United States


8,812 ft / 2,686 m

#2 in Washington

#16 in United States


94 summits

#7 in Washington

#200 in United States

Top climbing months

July   32%

June   28%

August   12%

Most climbed route



  • One of the 5 main volcanic peaks in the Washington Cascades and the 2nd most active crater after Mt. St. Helens
  • 2nd most glaciated Cascade volcano after Mt. Rainier with .43 cu miles of ice and snow
  • Known for its ridiculous amounts of snow, Mt. Baker Ski Area lies 9 miles northeast of the summit. In 1999 it set the world record snowfall in a single season at 1,140 in / 2,900 cm.
  • The Coleman-Deming route is the most popular. Requires glacier travel and potential crevasse navigation; usually attempted May-Aug due to better weather and low avalanche conditions.
  • Has 3 sub-summits: Sherman Peak and the Black Buttes (Colfax Peak and Lincoln Peak). The main peak of Mount Baker is called Grant Peak.