9,399 ft / 2,864 m


2,806 ft / 855 m


165 summits

Top climbing months

June   26%

May   10%

July   10%

Most climbed route

Vincent Gap


  • The Pacific Crest Trail reaches within 0.25 miles of the summit, its highest point south of the Sierra Nevada (9,360 ft).
  • 4th highest peak in the San Gabriel Mountains; 2nd highest with at least 1000 ft prominence
  • Highpoint along The Silver Moccasin Trail, a 53-mile Boy Scout hiking trail that connects this summit to Mount Burnham, Throop Peak, and Mount Hawkins.
"My second hike to Baden-Powell came from a different direction. Instead of the hike from Vincent Gap up the 40-something switchbacks I did the first time, I hiked from Dawson Saddle, over Throop Peak, east along the Pacific Crest Trail to Mt. Burnham, Peak 9,100', and Baden-Powell. This route has somewhat less elevation gain spread out over a roughly 9 mile hike. There is both gain and loss along the PCT both ways, but nothing overly severe, but there is a long uphill stretch between the backside of Burnham and where PCT meets Dawson Saddle Trail on the way back to the car. I estimate the " - brianpowell, Sep 24, 2017
"3 of 4 (and a double summit, since I tagged it again on the way out). After seeing very few people along the ridge from Throop, the summit here was busy. I guess most people climb from Vincent Gap? Not sure why, the walk from Throop was one of my favorite trails to date in the San Gabriels. Stunning views all around. I think I could just barely make out the Sierra; including a sharp, non-snowy peak (Olancha?) and two snowy ones further north (Langley & Whitney?). Beautiful day. Should have turned around here, but I foolish thought the descent to Ross didn't look too bad." - edg, Jun 18, 2016
"Strenuous climb up 40+ switchbacks up Pacific Crest Trail at Vincent Gap. Route is roughly 8 miles long with 2,800'-2,900' elevation gain. Starts out with Jeffrey Pine/Sugar Pine/White Fir forest, later with Lodgepole Pines, and then Lodgepoles with a few Limber Pines to Summit. Wonderful workout with great scenery and lovely forest on north-facing slope." - brianpowell, Oct 3, 2015
"This was a four-peak day, starting at Dawson Saddle and ending at Vincent Gap. We hit Throop, Burnham and Baden-Powell and then headed down to Ross. Back up to Baden-Powell then down to the car shuttle we set up at Vincent Gap. Two of these peaks (Burnham and Ross) were new to me. This was an HPS hike led by the Doggetts. There were a lot of folks in the morning at Vincent Gap, and even a couple of horses, but we didn't really run into many folks on the trails. We did pass a few PCT through hikers. Ross was Jim Kidder's 100th HPS peak! It was a good day to do Ross--fairly cool, a good bit of c" - HikerMark, Jun 6, 2015
"Started at South Fork hiked to Islip Saddle to Mt Baden-Powell down Vincent Gap and back to South Fork via the Manzanita trail over 2 days. Saw 1 other person the entire loop." - joshderhammer, Jan 20, 2015



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