9,399 ft / 2,865 m


2,806 ft / 855 m


174 summits

Top climbing months

June   24%

July   11%

May   11%

Most climbed route

Vincent Gap


  • The Pacific Crest Trail reaches within 0.25 miles of the summit, its highest point south of the Sierra Nevada (9,360 ft).
  • 4th highest peak in the San Gabriel Mountains; 2nd highest with at least 1000 ft prominence
  • Highpoint along The Silver Moccasin Trail, a 53-mile Boy Scout hiking trail that connects this summit to Mount Burnham, Throop Peak, and Mount Hawkins.
"Great hike from Dawson Saddle to summit Baden-Powell. Started out sunny and then the wind picked up and the temp on the summit dropped to 50 degrees. Clouds were drifting over the summit, giving it a spooky feel!" - S-J-Arelliano, Sep 30, 2018
"With Ross Mountain as my target for the day, I accessed Mt Baden-Powell via Dawson Saddle and the PCT. I had to summit the peak twice on the day since it was the beginning and end point for the descent/ascent to/from Ross Mountain. While arriving early for the first ascent, I saw several hikers posing for pics and patting each other on the back for their great achievement. For me, my day was only beginning. I sat down and had a snack before pressing on to Ross Mountain. On the way back, it was late afternoon with only a few people on the summit. This is one of the great vantage points in the m" - Peak-Conquistador, May 12, 2018
"Easily one of my fave peak in LA, so it was great to get a second summit, this time with a different approach and season. Got up this one with HPS peaks Islip, Mount Hawkins, South Hawkins, Mount Burnham, and Burnham." - JustinB, Apr 26, 2018
"My second hike to Baden-Powell came from a different direction. Instead of the hike from Vincent Gap up the 40-something switchbacks I did the first time, I hiked from Dawson Saddle, over Throop Peak, east along the Pacific Crest Trail to Mt. Burnham, Peak 9,100', and Baden-Powell. This route has somewhat less elevation gain spread out over a roughly 9 mile hike. There is both gain and loss along the PCT both ways, but nothing overly severe, but there is a long uphill stretch between the backside of Burnham and where PCT meets Dawson Saddle Trail on the way back to the car. I estimate the " - brianpowell, Sep 24, 2017
"3 of 4 (and a double summit, since I tagged it again on the way out). After seeing very few people along the ridge from Throop, the summit here was busy. I guess most people climb from Vincent Gap? Not sure why, the walk from Throop was one of my favorite trails to date in the San Gabriels. Stunning views all around. I think I could just barely make out the Sierra; including a sharp, non-snowy peak (Olancha?) and two snowy ones further north (Langley & Whitney?). Beautiful day. Should have turned around here, but I foolish thought the descent to Ross didn't look too bad." - edg, Jun 18, 2016



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