9,068 ft / 2,764 m


2,665 ft / 812 m


28 summits

Top climbing months

August   24%

July   20%

September  13%

Most climbed route

mt bachelor trail

2,587 ft / 789 m gain


  • A stratovolcano atop a shield volcano in the Cascade Volcanic Arc.
  • So named because it "stands apart" from the Three Sisters, the 3 famous volcanic mountains to the northwest
  • Home of the Mount Bachelor ski area since 1958.
"A quick outing up the Mt Bachelor Summit Trail. Really hot day... 85 degrees at the base. Near the summit were an incredible number of orange butterflies (anyone know what the deal is with this?) Took in the surprisingly good views from the top given the wildfires ravaging Oregon then ran most of the way down. Have never skied Bachelor, looks like a great mountain." - scott, Aug 9, 2017
"On my drive to the South Sister trailhead the previous day, Mount Bachelor was blocking my view of South Sister until the last few miles. I passed right by the foot of it on my way in. It was then staring at me every time I turned around on the climb up South Sister. By this point it had piqued my curiosity, so while I was eating dinner in Bend I looked into the logistics of the climb. It turned out that the normal trailhead was closed for parking, but the summit trail was still open, and the extra distance added by parking at the next closest trailhead was only 1/3 of a mile. The weather" - Al-Rashid, Aug 7, 2016
"5 mile roundtrip with around 2,000 ft elevation gain. Picked a great day with low temps and only slight breeze. Had to route find through the remaining snow fields and what was exposed of the normal ascent trail, but not too difficult. Some one had done a great rock stack on the summit over 6' tall." - oregon-mt-goat, Jul 5, 2016
"Had to sneak in a skin up on the splitboard before the slopes open officially on Thanksgiving. Very icy conditions made the trip up and down super sketchy, but hey first turns are worth it." - oregon-mt-goat, Nov 21, 2015
"dead calm at the top- 9,000 ft with no wind was amazing. stood ontop of a snow covered mountain with just a t shirt for an hour. watched two paragliders take off from the top - looked like fun." - oregon-mt-goat, Mar 9, 2013



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