3,379 ft / 1,029 m


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November   17%

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September  11%

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Magalang trail

"Growing up, I would enjoy passing through NLEX not only because it would mean out-of-town vacation trips, but it also meant enjoying the nice views of nature along the way. There's the vast farmlands of Pampanga. And there's Mt. Arayat that stands tall across the horizon and that persists on your gaze as you travel along the highway. I would always wonder how this mountain would exist solitarily yet valiantly apart from the surrounding flat landscape, or how it would look like as you stand on top of it like a king watching over his dominion. So that curiosity led to this hike. And it was spe" - ramng, Feb 28, 2015
"Heavy rains prevented us from doing a traverse to the South Peak. We camped at the North Peak, instead. Mt Arayat is one mountain not to be trifled with. I learned that the hard way --- my physical, mental and emotional endurance was put to the test climbing, scrambling, crawling, navigating its torturous trails. Heavy rains and low fog did not help... and there were the pesky giant mosquitoes to contend with. Oh no, I'm not griping... for the view atop Mt Arayat's North Peak was indeed rewarding." - Brahma, Sep 14, 2013
"Second Mountain Peak as part of Lakturan Mountaineers. Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 4 hours Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 3 It was to hot when we climb Mt. Arayat even though it has trees along the trail but it's approximately 50% of it, it has no 360view at the peak but its a good campsite to setup a tent. Its at the peak was so good even at the viewpoint before the summit. Mosquito and other insects is abound in Arayat, even monkeys, boars and snake are visible too actually I saw at least 2-3 snakes on the trail and one of the snake crawled beside my fee" - chock, Apr 28, 2013



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