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  • Mount Antero is a Colorado 14er located in the central Sawatch Range named for Chief Antero of the Unitah band of Utes.
  • Prized for its gemstone deposits and has one of the highest concentrations of aquamarine in the country.
  • There are several active private mining claims being exploited on Mount Antero and surrounding peaks.
  • Expect many hikers and there's always a chance to find a gem of your own.
  • The peak is due south of the more visually prominent Mount Princeton.
"Taken from my post on the 14ers forum I had been avoiding Mt. Antero for about a year and a half, during which time it had remained the only 14er left preventing me from closing out the Sawatch Range. About a month or two ago I started really getting the itch to cross it off the list, but had trouble finding someone crazy enough to accompany me in winter. After weeks of checking weather reports and avalanche forecasts, I finally decided that St. Paddy's was the ticket. I somehow convinced my buddy Kyle to come along with me, and we hit the lower TH at the fashionably late hour of 7:00 AM." - LGH-Dan, Mar 17, 2017
"After completing the CT I was excited to get back out there. The hike was cool and seeing the active mines was pretty awesome. I met a fellow hiker that had her dog, but no water. I provided water for the dog and the hiker, I always bring plenty on day hikes anyway. I chose Little Browns Creek TH for the less trafficked route. I do like hiking alone." - Brandon-Shinsplint-, Sep 17, 2016
"I hiked from the Little Browns Creek trailhead. From this trailhead, the summit of Mt. Antero is 7.5 miles. I combined Mt. White making the total round trip at 17.4 miles w/ 6,500' elevation gain." - WaxDr, Aug 29, 2014
"Third 14er of the day after Shavano and Tabaguache. We had a nice dinner in town, rented a Jeep overnight and drove up the epic jeep road to 13,800. We hiked the last bit just as it was getting dark and the clouds were getting ominous. Luckily the rain held off and we traveled back down to civilization." - Yosemike, Aug 19, 2013
"Started around 6:30am from the lower TH. Hiked a couple miles before catching a ride in the back of a pickup truck. Reached summit at around 10am. Hiked down most of the way, but hitchhiked again for the last mile or so. Reached the TH at around 2?pm. 15th 14er." - Globetrotter87, Jul 28, 2012



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