8,861 ft / 2,700 m


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13 summits

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April   20%

July   20%

February   13%

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"We climbed stairs from start to finish. Stairs all the way. Stairs for HOURS. Couldn't see the summit until about halfway through the hike, so it was kind of discouraging to climb a steep hill thinking you're almost there but you're actually not. This happened several times. The real summit has the bunk house and the radio towers. When we reached the summit, we were greeted by a sea of clouds! We saw the fog that was right on our tail. The campsite near the bunk house is cemented so we used rocks to keep our tent taught. Get ready for the rain and the cold! Stay in the bunk house if there's sp" - beefeeb, Apr 22, 2017
"The hardest climb of the entire Cordillera region. :) Please visit the detailed post on my blog http://travelingtaxauditor.blogspot.com/2016/09/walang-aayaw-sa-mt-amuyao-barlig-mt.html" - ronelbattad, Sep 16, 2016
"One of the most challenging treks I've done. Despite this, Amuyao's beauty is one-of-a-kind. Beautiful trail passing through Barlig's rice terraces, up steep slopes, mossy forests, and a summit assault surrounded by bonsai plants!" - mowninuh, Mar 29, 2015


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