1,745 ft / 532 m


590 ft / 179 m


Murcia, Spain


2 summits

Top climbing months

August   66%

January   33%

Most climbed route

From Collado Los Ginovinos.

"Today some friends wanted to go out, to the mountain, and we made this route. The trail is comfortable and the views are good. Once up, we have taken a small lunch and we have seen a hunting post with a chair, but without a hunter." - franciscobirruezo, Jan 7, 2018
"We have gone today to a mountain range that was, millions years ago, under the sea. Some fossil we found, shows it. There were also huge cobwebs and Elvira has become entangled with one. Fortunately the spider has gone to a pine tree. Near the summit there were old plaster quarries and some hunting ground. On the way back we have seen a bullring on a private ranch." - franciscobirruezo, Aug 26, 2017


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