13,899 ft / 4,236 m


892 ft / 272 m


19 summits

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August   42%

September  36%

July   15%

Most climbed route

Bishop Pass Trail

"Day 2 of a 3-day backpack in the Bishop Pass area. I had spent the night at Bishop Lake and climbed Mt. Goode the day before, so I was well acclimatized for this almost 14er. The mile of trail to the pass was completely snow-covered and the ice axe helped with the ascent. At the pass, it became clear that the normal class 2 chute was full of snow, so I climbed up talus on a shallow rib just to the right of the standard chute. That route was class 2 over stable talus with a little unexposed class 3 further up. Due to the ongoing heat-wave, the snow was super soft, so I took the snow chute on th" - klotito, Jul 9, 2017
"Mt. Agassiz was the 7th of 7 peaks climbed during an 8 day backpacking trip from North lake to South lake. It was also the highest. The snowstorm that hit us the night before made this climb extra fun and challenging. The views are absolutely incredible in all directions, but especially of Thunderbolt, North Pal, and Mt. Sill towering over Big Pine lakes basin. Another snow storm moved in on our way down from the peak, adding to the adventure, and continued to snow on and off for the rest of our hike out to South lake. It was a great trip. " - DerekJayRichardson, Sep 27, 2014
"After a mind blowing and total mental drain of climb on backside of Aperture Peak, we rest for a bit near bottom of gully and decided to go ahead and bag Agassiz as well since we were here. So we traversed over (a couple hundred feet above Bishop Pass) and basically just took our time picking our way up the easterly face to the summit. Easy Class 3, stable rocks, beautiful weather. We summited and took a nice break and tended to a broken toe suffered from a tumbling block over on Aperture. The views from atop Agassiz were amazing in all directions." - DrBoz, Sep 13, 2014
"Solo day hike from South Lake. Ascended right side of steep unstable slopes of deep corn snow on north face which improved to large blocks higher up. View was impressive on a bluebird day!" - hipeaks, Jun 9, 2004



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