5,774 ft / 1,760 m


804 ft / 245 m


353 summits

Top climbing months

July   19%

August   19%

June   16%

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Air Line Trail


  • Mount Adams is the second highest mountain in New Hampshire after Mount Washington.
  • Located in the Northern Presidential Range, Mount Adams was named after John Adams, the second president of the US.
  • There are two major subsidiary peaks of Mount Adams: Mount Sam Adams and Mount Quincy Adams.
  • The Appalachian Trail traverses the col between Mount Adams and Mount Sam Adams, on a path called "Gulfside Trail."
  • Mount Adams is one of 9 peaks included in the famous Presidential Traverse, or Presi Traverse, which is typically done as a multi-day hut-to-hut outing or as an extreme day hike.
  • To the north and east is Mount Madison and to the south and west is Mount Jefferson.
"Hiked with Bob. Weather was good. Some occasional clouds but the summits remained clear. Temps in the 30s wind 20 or so. Met quite a few through hikers going in both directions. Tough climb but the views were incredible!" - kevin-kilpatrick, Sep 30, 2018
"Did this as part of a Presidential Traverse where the summits were finished in 24 hrs. Gps died and tracking was limited. Did this the next morning as my companion didn't make it to the Hut until 3 AM. I was there at 11AM" - Irrationalist, Jul 19, 2018
"Low wind but also low cloud cover created navigational difficulties above treeline. Myself and one other opted to turn back. 2 others in our group pushed on and reached Adams." - newenglandwarrior, Mar 12, 2018
"After Madison, hiked over and did Adams. A bit windy up there. More uncomfortable. Went down Lowe's Path and then took the Rail Tr back to my car. Bumped into the redlining group again in the Appalachia parking lot." - newenglandwarrior, Nov 8, 2017
"A Presi day. I wanted some more Presi's for my April Grid. Went up Valley Way. While heading up, I met a lady that was planning on doing Madison. We teamed up and she decided to do both Adams and Madison with me. We went up and did Adams. An incredible day to be up there. We then went over to Madison." - newenglandwarrior, Apr 15, 2017



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