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880 ft / 268 m


43 summits

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June   13%

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Fire Warden's Trail

"A long day of peak-bagging along the east side of Caribou Valley. Hit Sugarloaf first, then Spaulding then down over and up to Abraham. Finished up with a bushwhack to the old logging road by the pond and then a road march in the dark back to the car, 18+ miles in beautiful pre-fall weather." - JASTA11, Sep 23, 2018
"Solo hike up wardens trail...started the hike with a spill in the lake (moss always wins!!). Afternoon hike meant beautiful cloudless views with color today. So stunning. Booked it down and wound up face planting due to the leaves covering some nasty grabbers...aka roots. I also had the pleasure of being scared by a grouse 4 times. " - shay-shay, Oct 2, 2017
"Didn't have as much trouble as I thought I would on Rapid Stream Road. I drive a car without much ground clearance, but it wasn't bad and both bridges have been replaced so you can drive all the way to the parking area. I headed up at 7am and just two miles in to the trip I saw my first moose while on a hike!!! There was a huge bull moose only 30 yards away from me. I've always wanted to see a moose and I was so stunned I didn't even get a photo of him. After staring at each other for 10 seconds he just moved off into the woods and by the time I grabbed my phone to get a photo I could only hea" - LGH-Tom, Sep 30, 2017
"Co-led an AMC hike up the Fire Warden's Tr. Great to be back after 2 years. The fire tower is now on its side. We didn't stay long since the clouds were threatening us with rain. " - newenglandwarrior, Jul 16, 2016
"Another beautifull day for a hike. We took the fire wardens trail up and met a couple of really nice guys from Sangerville, Frank and Myles. We swapped stories up and back down the trail. Come to find out we know at lot of the same people, and have hiked alot of the same mountains. What a great hike. Happy trails" - bwright, Jul 8, 2012



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