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245 ft / 75 m


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July   19%

August   15%

June   15%

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Moro Rock Trail

Class 1
"as part of our camping vacation in Sequoia National Park, we did the Moro Rock 'hike'. Up the 300+ stairs, with a lot of other visitors going up/down. The views at the top were of course spectacular, including a great view of the Sierra Mountain range, and the valley below Moro Rock with the windy General's Highway." - marc, Jun 26, 2018
"California. Climbed the stairs at the end of the day after visiting the sequioa trees. Nice stairs and views of setting sun. Saw at car park that I forgot to switch out lights on car, luckily battery was not empty." - Pieter, Aug 17, 2017
"Trip to Sequoia and King's Canyon National Parks. Climbed Moro Rock with Lisa. Tough little climb after being away from hiking for a few weeks. But well worth the view from the top! " - Rob_Keller, Aug 13, 2014
"Came up to the Sequoias with our son's high school cross country team to attend the 2014 Sequoia Running Camp for a week. Approximately 100 kids dressed up in different costumes and ran from the parking lot above General Sherman to the top of Moro Rock. Our team was dressed in togas. Once at the top, we all sat down for a "TED Talk." " - lulu499, Jul 15, 2014



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