6,274 ft / 1,912 m


371 ft / 113 m


32 summits

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November   12%

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Monument Peak Trail

"Worth the drive, this is a manicured trail that shares, for a very brief period, the PCT. Fantastic views north and east to over the desert. Only downs are the limited mileage and radio hardware at the summit." - JustinB, Apr 2, 2018
"I combined this peak with Hays Peak. I visited Hays first, then took the firebreak to Monument Peak. Once I reached the paved road, it was a quick walk to the summit. I had missed the unsigned Monument Peak Trail from the PCT, but I saw the trail when I traversed the firebreak from Hays Peak. After returning to the firebreak after visiting the summit, I followed the recently discovered trail back to the PCT. The trail starts at a hairpin turn in the PCT, which apparently was enough of a distraction to make me miss it the first time around. Totals for both peaks is 3.8 miles with 550 feet of el" - Peak-Conquistador, Sep 11, 2017
"This is a pleasant and short hike, just over 2.5 miles round trip, to the peak. You start at a small dirt parking lot near Mile 25 on Sunrise Hwy (S-1) at an elevation about 5,750'. Coming from I-8 (south), the lot will be on your right. You take the signed Big Laguna Trail for about a half-mile to the northeast. The trail is partly shaded by an open forest of Jeffrey Pines and Black Oaks. You then turn left at the T-intersection onto the Pacific Crest Trail, still under pines and oaks for a short stretch before entering sunny manzanita and scrub oak chaparral. After about 1/3 mile, you " - brianpowell, Mar 8, 2017
"Nice morning hike to the peak. Wind was incredible at the top! We saw a couple guys trying to do real work on the antennae up there. Good luck in that wind! Their measuring tape was going everywhere!! At this point in the day, we could see lower level clouds overtaking the lower peaks to the west. Strom's a-brewin'!" - benjineer, Jan 30, 2016



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