15,203 ft / 4,634 m

#1 in Wallis

#1 in Switzerland


7,103 ft / 2,165 m

#1 in Wallis

#3 in Switzerland


17 summits

#11 in Wallis

#15 in Switzerland

Top climbing months

July   38%

August   33%

September  16%

Most climbed route

normal from Monte Rosa hut


  • Monte Rosa is the highest mountain in Switzerland.
  • Its highest peak is Dufourspitze, the culminating point of the Pennine Alps as well as the second highest mountain of the Alps and western Europe.
  • Monte Rosa is also the second highest massif in Italy, although its main peak is located within Switzerland.
  • The Monte Rosa Massif consists of several peaks above 4,500 m.
  • On the western side, the Gorner Glacier descends from Monte Rosa in gentle slopes and flows towards Zermatt.
  • In contrast, the eastern side of the mountain forms a 2,400 metre high massive wall towering above the village of Macugnaga.
  • Large number of summer climbers attempt to summit from the west side, starting the normal route at the Monte Rosa Hut.