1,129 ft / 344 m


350 ft / 106 m


22 summits

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August   36%

June   24%

May   16%

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Mont King Trail

"Second time on King Mountain. This time we took the trail in a clockwise direction, it seemed a little quicker this way. A nice short hike that is suitable for those wanting to start out mountain hiking. Views were a bit clouded over in the distance, but great none the less. Bugs were out, but nowhere near as bad as previous reports would suggest. It was an extremely hot and humid day, lots of water was drank, that's for sure !!" - UK-Ranger, Jun 17, 2017
"A very good mountain for anyone regardless of skill level - trail has boardwalks and steps making it easy enough for inexperienced hikers, while offering fantastic views and overall a great day out. This was the second trip here for me, my Dad, my Mum and my sister. We brought my fiance and my sister's friend with us this time." - RangersApprentice, Jun 17, 2017
"Hiked this nice little trail with my family (Wife, Kids, Sister, Niece and Nephew) It was my Wife, Sister, Niece and Nephews first full hike to a Summit, and they all enjoyed it. Quite an easy loop with some great views of Ottawa the Valley and surrounding area. I think I'll come here again. We saw a sign that said "You are now standing at the summit of Mont King" yet, further round the trail, and at higher elevation, we discovered a trig point. So I think the sign saying Summit is a bit misleading." - UK-Ranger, Aug 2, 2016
"Well this was an interesting one.. Decided to give this a try with my whole family plus my aunt and cousins who were visiting from England - My Mum, aunt and cousins have never climbed a mountain before.. now they have! A great accomplishment for them, and a mountain with rewarding views in return." - RangersApprentice, Aug 2, 2016


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