4,160 ft / 1,268 m

#2 in Quebec

#8,545 in Canada


3,559 ft / 1,085 m

#1 in Quebec

#53 in Canada


21 summits

#18 in Quebec

#143 in Canada

Top climbing months

August   42%

July   28%

September  14%

Most climbed route

Main trail up.


  • Mont Jacques-Cartier is a 4000 footer in the McGerrigle Range in the GaspÌ© Peninsula, Quebec, Canada.
  • Highest mountain in southern Quebec.
  • Protected by the GaspŽsie National Park and hosts the last remaining population of woodland caribou south of the Saint Lawrence River.
  • The broad summit plateau is above treeline and large cairns lead to a sturdy summit lookout tower.
  • The new International Appalachian Trail crosses its summit.