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  • Mont Jacques-Cartier is a 4000 footer in the McGerrigle Range in the GaspÌ© Peninsula, Quebec, Canada.
  • Highest mountain in southern Quebec.
  • Protected by the GaspŽsie National Park and hosts the last remaining population of woodland caribou south of the Saint Lawrence River.
  • The broad summit plateau is above treeline and large cairns lead to a sturdy summit lookout tower.
  • The new International Appalachian Trail crosses its summit.
"Part of a trip of Gaspésie. Party included three of my sons: Jean, Dominique and Charles. After a full day on the road from Sudbury, we arrived at Rivière du Loup, Québec around 9pm. The next day we made our way to Parc Nationale de la Gaspésie where we paid for a one night stay at base of Mt Jacques Cartier. The Chic Choc mountains are absolutely spectacular. The next day we take the bus that takes us to trailhead. On our way up the mountain we see the last population (about 100 left in 2012) of alpine caribou in North America. The temperature dropped by about 10 degrees Celsius that day and " - ronaldbrisebois, Jul 25, 2012
"The highest in the McGerrigle Range and one of the last caribou herds south of the St. Lawrence... follow huge cairns across a broad summit skree field to an observation tower " - scott, Sep 3, 2005


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