1,820 ft / 554 m


912 ft / 277 m


863 summits

Top climbing months

May   12%

March   10%

April   9%

"First ascent for nearly a month, due to a combination of head-cold, flu and foreign travel. By my usual route from the lane to Bwlch Penbarra, and descending the south ridge on the Offa's Dyke path. Pre-sunset walk, in an icy north-west wind, but with sunshine. View west obscured by a column of cloud funnelling up the Vale of Clwyd. Solo." - marktrengove2, Feb 20, 2018
"By my usual route, after a virus infection, which made it heavier going than usual. Wild and windy, though the rain kept off - just. Some flooding visible in the Vale of Clwyd after the heavy rain. Solo." - marktrengove2, Jan 24, 2018
"By my usual route, though extended by 250m each way as my usual parking area was full to bursting, with many people out in the sunshine marking the end of the Christmas season. A fierce freezing north-east wind blew across the summit, although the sun shone from a deep blue cloudless sky. The sun set behind Arennig Fawr as I descended to Bwlch Penbarra." - marktrengove2, Jan 7, 2018
"By my usual route. Dull, cold and grey, with a freezing north-west wind. No rain, or snow. No lying snow, Cloud pouring east over the ridge, and summit intermittently cloud-capped. " - marktrengove2, Jan 5, 2018
"By a long route from Loggerheads, eventually ascending to the summit by the Coed Fama path on the south ridge. Then we descended to Cilcain for a light lunch in the White Horse Inn, followed by a dusk-time walk back to Loggerheads by the Leete Path above the R. Alyn. Bright, mild and sunny, with a light south-west breeze, though cloud rolled in as we descended. No snow left. With PP." - marktrengove2, Dec 22, 2017



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