1,820 ft / 554 m


912 ft / 277 m


896 summits

Top climbing months

May   12%

March   11%

April   10%

"By my standard route from the lane, returning down the south ridge. Bright but cloudy, with a fresh south-west wind. The snow-dump of yesterday had completely melted, only remaining in streaks on the highest hills in North Wales - e.g. Cadair Berwyn. Watched a glider and heard a skylark. Solo." - marktrengove2, Apr 3, 2018
"A circuitous route through Coed Fama, then two of the cwms on the eastern flank of the hill, ascending to the summit by the Pt. 464m central east ridge. Descent south by the Offa's Dyke trail and path down through the forest back to the lane. Hill walk with AC. High grey clouds with a few sunny breaks. Short hail shower as we finished our walk." - marktrengove2, Mar 16, 2018
"By my standard route, before the rain came in. Cloudy, but no precipitation on the hike. Cold easterly wind. Cloud-base above the summits. Still banks of lying snow in places." - marktrengove2, Mar 9, 2018
"From the Coed Fama car park, via the steep blue/purple route to the summit. Descent by the Offa's Dyke Path to Bwlch Penbarra, then on the path by the road back down to the car park. Weather bright but cloudy at first, with a few spots of rain on the descent. Chilly SSW wind. Paths partially obscured by melting ice and snow. Solo." - marktrengove2, Mar 5, 2018
"With a slight easing in the wintry weather, I resolved to do an extended hike, in preparation for a trip to the Southern Highlands of Scotland the following weekend. The trip to Loch Tay was subsequently, unsurprisingly, aborted, given the weather conditions in the UK at the time. I carried full winter gear due to the extreme cold. A temperature, including wind-chill, of around -15 degrees Celsius was expected on the summit. I was carrying ice axe and crampons, though they weren't really needed - apart from the reassurance they afforded me. The main road to Loggerheads was in good condi" - marktrengove2, Feb 28, 2018



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