14,074 ft / 4,290 m


847 ft / 258 m


52 summits

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August   30%

September  20%

July   20%

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Missouri Gulch / Missouri Trail


  • Missouri Mountain is a Colorado 14er in the Collegiate Peaks in the Sawatch Range.
  • It is near fellow 14ers Mount Belford and Mount Oxford and separated from its eastern neighbor Mount Belford by Elkhead Pass.
  • Offers some technical routes, rare to Sawatch fourteeners, but beware rotten rock!
"It was a perfect fall day up in Missouri Gulch. The trail was icy in spots, but dry overall. After Missouri I continued to Iowa Peak and Emerald Peak and returned via Elkhead Pass. Round trip distance was about 13.5 miles with just over 6000' elevation gain." - WaxDr, Oct 9, 2015
"Mountain 3 of 4 for the day and my 18th fourteener so far this year. This one was by far the most difficult of the Belford, Oxford, Missouri trio. The trail up to the saddle is very steep, and then you have to traverse a significant amount of the ridge before you reach the summit. As you get close to the summit there is the option to do some class 3 stuff, or you could drop down and continue below it. Doing all three mountains in a single day was fairly difficult. we started in the dark and it was dark again before we made it back to our car. " - IanWright, Sep 6, 2015



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