9,466 ft / 2,885 m


5,006 ft / 1,526 m


14 summits

Top climbing months

May   26%

November   20%

August   13%

Most climbed route

Crest Trail from Montezuma Pass

"Nice cool November day. Chilly at the top (high 40s), but no snow. Looked for the summit pin for 10 minutes but couldn't locate. Took the Crest Line Trail from the Montezuma TH, starting at 9:30am, finishing at 2:30pm. Saw Mexico for the first time. No encounters or wildlife of note. Many, many border patrol officers around. Cloud cover moved in the last half of our hike out. Climbed with Josh, his tallest mountain to date. Good times had by all." - zachmitch, Nov 28, 2017
"Did this hike on the spur of the moment after my son finished 9th grade baseball this year. Trail very clean and laid out well. No summit register but a big fat mouse in concrete hole on top. Not much wildlife - hot and dry. " - louhibbard, May 19, 2012
"Did this with a meet up group. Trail up is pretty straight forward, when you get to the top its a little confusing but head away from the way you came. We hit a road, then took it to the summit (had to turn left to hit the peak) you can actually take the road to the summit if you want to ..not all the way but close enough. we hiked it back down the way we came. " - PrincessDi, Sep 10, 2011



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