Solo. 16&17/48. Started out on the side of the Kanc around 0730. My car said it was 39°. The Pine Bend Brook Trail started out nicely, flat and unassuming, mostly dirt with some sections that are likely boggy when it’s wet out. Lots of small stream crossings, but it’s been very dry and I had no issue with stream crossing until the very last one of the day (of course).

After about 2 miles of hiking, the boulders started cropping up and after that it was a long haul up large boulder fields, I allowed another solo female hiker to pass me here. Following a sharp left at the top of the worst of it, the trail became a trail again, with some nice sections of soft dirt and flat land here and there. Another hard push and I was ... staring at some rocks. I figured this was the summit of North Tripyramid (4.68mi, 2888’ of gain, @ 2hrs31mins). The weather held at a nice mid 60’s temperature with hazy sunlight. I stopped to stretch my legs and then crab walked down the steeper rocky sections and continued on to Middle Tripyramid.

Not much to see here either, but a little something through the trees. (Now at 5.45mi, 3156’ of gain, @ 3hrs12mins). I sat around with some angry flies buzzing near me and had my summit beer and sent some check-in text messages, then back-tracked down to the junction, where I passed another solo female hiker, & headed down Sabbaday Brook Trail.

The first portion of the descent was tough for me as I’m not very sure-footed going downhill (I’m certain my brother @LGH-Tom ran down this like some kind of billygoat.) I picked my way down the rocks and slides and scree carefully for nearly an hour, where it then turned into easy side-hilling on a kinder path and then eventually became mostly dirt and a flat nice trail through the woods with stream crossings here and there. At my final crossing about ten bold tourists had made their way up from the gorge area and were camped out and goofing around on the only decent section of rocks to cross on, so I chanced it in another spot further down and wound up with wet feet. Oh well. Sabbaday Falls was very cool, I read the signs with great interest and took some photos and videos, then made my way out to the Kanc for a sad mile long road walk back to my car.

Other peaks climbed on this trip