12,808 ft / 3,904 m


22 summits

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August   50%

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July   18%

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Southwest Couloir

"Two hours of sleep. Maybe. It’s hard to tell when you wake up every two minutes because some moron designed the campsites so that no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t successfully block the wind from threatening to tear apart your shelter. And the worst part—we weren’t even on a saddle in between the mountain. We were in a valley blocked by many large mountains. Oh well, maybe the hike up will be better. I could tell within only a few minutes that the climb up Middle Teton was going to be a mega-slog. Boulders upon boulders were all that I could see for miles—that is, unless we wanted" - justinraphaelson, Jul 17, 2015
"Summited Middle Teton as part of "The Grand Traverse" of the Grand Teton range. Total peaks = 10, total miles =13, total elevation = ~22,000', # days = 2. One of the best climbs I've completed to date. Absolutely stunning in every regard." - DrBoz, Aug 20, 2014


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