14,012 ft / 4,271 m


1,086 ft / 331 m


17 summits

Top climbing months

September  41%

August   29%

July   23%

Most climbed route

East face


  • The 12th highest peak in California and one of its 14 Fourteeners
  • Part of the Palisades group in the central Sierra Nevada range and home of the Middle Palisade Glacier on its eastern slopes
  • Easiest route involves Class 3 scrambling up a chute in the east face of the peak
  • Featured in a woodcut print by popular artist Tom Killion in 2017 https://tomkillion.com/10s/middle-palisade-peak
"Hiked up to Finger Lake with my VERY heavy pack (I just can't get this 'pack light' thing down). I really only got a couple hours of sleep, since I don't sleep well while camping. We started up from there at first light. There was another group that started about an hour ahead of us, but we caught them at the glacier. They headed up the glacier towards the class 3 chute. After following them towards it and watching them struggle in identifying the correct spot to ascend, we decided to go another way. We hiked a bit further northwest & ascended a very loose class 3 'pink' chute. From the" - Kevin, Aug 10, 2013
"Hiked up to the unnamed lake above Finger Lake at 11,300ft and camped the night. Started out from camp at 5AM and made it to the central moraine by 7AM. Tried three different routes up to get to the main chute, but thought everything was too sketchy without a spot. Just as I was turning away to give up, two climbers appeared and showed me the ledge I had missed. Normally, you can step off the glacier on to the ledge system, but since it's so late in the season, the randkluft was huge and climbing into and out of it required some class IV-V stuff to get up the main route. I was able to get over" - Christopher, Sep 23, 2012
"Hiked up to base camp at Finger Lake on 7/5. Left for the summit at 7:20 on 7/6 with 5 others. Hiked off snow most of the way, but up 100' of snow covered glacier to access Secor's chute. Snow was soft and crampons not much help. After an hour of so one climber turned back. Our last climber was at the summit at 1:30, and back at Finger Lake at 8:30 pm. Recommend helmets due to lots of loose rock. " - TCH, Jul 6, 2012
"We went over Labor Day weekend. Left a parking lot, hiked to Brained Lake and camped there. I was feeling the elevation on the way up and felt pretty miserable towards the end of the day. The second day we climbed to an unnamed lake above Finger Lake. Third day we went for the summit. We got off trail a couple of times. The route took us up a glacier and then a 1000 feet of loose 3rd class exposed rock. On the way down I busted my knee, which is a pretty scary thing to happen at that environment. As result it took us well into the night to get back to our camp. There was much excitement around" - paperpanther, Sep 4, 2011



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