7,795 ft / 2,375 m


6,135 ft / 1,869 m




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February   25%

March   12%

January   12%

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Refuge B - Simio

Class 1 • 2,401 ft / 732 m gain
"Me and a friend we climbed Kyllini (Ziria) on a weekend trip from Athens. We started from Ziria ski center and spent the night by a clear gurgling streamlet, some half way up the mountain. We went up the summit on the next morning. The sky was foggy, so, unfortunately, we didn't get to wonder at the amazing view which we'd otherwise have, but the mountain was definitely enchanting as it was, and we also encountered a drove of wild horses high up the mountain. Complete Trip Report, Photos, Video, and Route Map: http://www.variouscuriousstuff.com/2017/06/13/trip-mount-kyllini/" - DimitriosFan, Jun 11, 2017
"Second mountaineering course with Hellenic Alpine Club of Athens.Despite the poor snow cover we were lucky enough to find an icy slope and practice self arrest right below the summit. " - Christos, Feb 7, 2016



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