5,749 ft / 1,752 m


469 ft / 143 m


8 summits

Top climbing months

October   37%

February   25%

April   25%

Most climbed route

Aliso Canyon Trail

"Lower half of trail is in great shape. Upper half is very overgrown. Tread still exists for much of it, but the manzanita, scrub oak, and chamise are overgrown and thick through much of it. The ridge proper was generally less miserable than trying to contour around bumps, but expect a fight whichever way you go. This trail desperately needs to be clipped. Took about three hours to climb from Aliso campground via a very non-ideal bushwhack route." - edg, Dec 27, 2018
"Hiked on a day between SoCal rains storms. The trail was very overgrown in places, requiring some bushwhacking through scrub oak. Eventually I was soaked from the dew on the brush. The trail was bright green with a carpet of grass and the creeks were flowing quickly with muddy water." - klotito, Feb 19, 2017



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