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May   12%

"We were supposed to take a long weekend to drive up to and climb Mount Shasta for Rainier training, but they had a stormy week and there was the threat of avalanches, so we stayed local. Started at the Upper Bristlecone trailhead and followed the Bristlecone Trail to the Bonanza Trail, which we took the base of the mountain. From there, it is a slog up a loose, rocky gully to the top. We came back the same way, for the most part. Erica and I made a quick stop at Divide Peak on the way back, since she hadn't been there before. We also took the 'No-name Trail' down, for a quicker, steeper de" - Kevin, May 18, 2018
"Huge (de Q) Thanks to Harlan for driving & guiding Tracy and me on this hike that is up there as one of the most beautiful and rugged I've ever done. It tested my endurance and had amazing views, fossils everywhere, a giant arch formation, wild horses, every variety of rock, flower & pine tree and saw the NV state Mountain Bluebird. We traveled up a canyon north of the peak that had dry waterfalls, cliffs and a steep grade. We descended the entire rugged McFarland Ridge and bagged No. McFarland along the way. Amazing day. " - paula.raimondi, Jun 25, 2016
"Super long hike to McFarland Peak! Tried taking route parallel to wash but got cliffed out and had to backtrack a bit to get back to wash. Still had fun with some great friends! Probably won't do this hike again." - Rob_Keller, Jun 22, 2013
"Led a group of 3 up here today. We took the north ridge up & over North McFarland Peak, past the arch & up to the summit of McFarland Peak. For a change of scenery, we descended North Canyon. It was a beautiful day with great people!" - Kevin, Jun 14, 2013
"Lead a small group consisisting of myself and 5 other hikers up to the peak today by way of the North Bristlecone Trail then onto the Bonanza Trial. Took a little bit to get two hikers past a few class 3 climbs but still managed to get them to the peak and back down with out incident." - christopher.begnoche, Jun 30, 2012



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