9,826 ft / 2,994 m


335 ft / 102 m




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Top climbing months

August   36%

June   18%

July   18%

Most climbed route

Climber's path from Ice Lake

"A huge classic into the heart of the Wallowas… with the ultimate grand finale once my phone got back in service. The Wallowas had beckoned for a while, but they're never "on the way" to anywhere. So finally I decided to just make it happen with a huge detour en route to CA from WA. After a flat I rolled in to Wallowa Lake, Oregon around 10pm… …and the 3:30am alarm felt like only a few minutes later. Struggled awake and while half-asleep fumbled through some gear manipulation. Finally started out at 4:30; it was already getting light, one of the longest days of the year. Didn’t see" - scott, Jun 20, 2015


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