12,279 ft / 3,742 m


1,559 ft / 475 m


26 summits

Top climbing months

June   26%

July   19%

September  19%

Most climbed route

Horse Creek pass

"A long hike, made longer by the morning meander through the campground looking for the unmarked trailhead. Mostly reasonable trail/goattrack to Horse Creek Pass (aim high), then that looong slog up the sandy slope. 2 hours up, 5 minutes down on that stuff. Wheee! Loved the views from the summit- I remember doing a backpacking loop in N Yose several years ago and picking out the summit and deciding I'd climb it someday - and this was before my peak bagging days." - calipidder, Aug 19, 2014
"Firm new snow on top of late season neve, class 3 climb up the East Couloir without a rope was a bit icy and spooky. Too icy too descend the couloir, down climbed to Horse Creek Pass. Finished the trail in the dark. Super Fun day!" - tcitret, Oct 15, 2011



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