10,820 ft / 3,298 m


3,362 ft / 1,025 m


7 summits

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July   57%

August   42%

"We had originally intended to climb the Gran Vignemale or Pique Longue which is the highest point of the Massif de Vignemale but because of time constraints we had to make do with the hikers peak of the Petit Vignemale. Our biggest mistake was that we parked our little hire car too low and too far below the dam. The road is unpaved but with a little persistence and basic off road driving skills one can actually drive all the way to the dam saving precious time if you plan to do an out and back. From the dam it is a picturesque walk up the Oulettes d'Ossoue valley passing beautiful waterfalls " - chrispatient, Aug 19, 2017



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