6,562 ft / 2,000 m


1,702 ft / 519 m


10 summits

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April   50%

January   20%

March   10%

Most climbed route

Cactus Springs

Class 2
"8 miles of official/unofficial use trail, 4 miles of steep (Class 2) rock scramble (Class 3 if you want the last 20 feet up to the top of the rock at the top), 1 pot of soup/ramen at the summit. Noms." - ctrain2018, Apr 24, 2018
"A surprisingly fun scrambling adventure. This is a worthwhile climb with a rewarding summit. We broke off from the Cactus Springs Trail, following a use trail up towards the ridge that finally broke down to scrambling from boulder to boulder. Some very considerate souls have marked the way with a generous application of thoughtfully placed ducks. Otherwise, finding the peak would be particularly dreadful. You'll encounter a few easy 2/3 moves along the way. The summit itself is a gorgeous rocky prominence with expansive views of the desert and a particularly nice angle on the Salton Sea" - JustinB, Apr 22, 2018
"Sierra Club hike, Bill Simpson-L, Peter Lara-L, Sandy Lara-L. 1st peak of 2-peak traverse of Martinez-Sheep, 8.5 miles w/3,200' gain and 1,300' loss 1-way, on trail and x-country. Snow on trail, stream crossing, bushwack. Fun group!" - BradStemm, Mar 7, 2015
"First peak of a two-peak day (followed by Sheep Mountain). What a fun climb! As you go up the ridge to the top, you come to several false summits...accept that, keep climbing, and there are great rewards. It was super windy here, which made the climb to the top of the summit block a little nervous-making, but I loved this peak." - HikerMark, Apr 6, 2014
"After 4+ months of interviewing for residency, spent 3 days in the desert reflecting and peakbagging. Mostly peakbagging though, tagging 15 peaks in 3 days. This was the first, and has one of the best summit blocks in the HPS!" - Christopher, Jan 24, 2014



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