14,163 ft / 4,317 m


2,316 ft / 706 m


24 summits

Top climbing months

August   36%

September  24%

July   20%

Most climbed route

South Ridge via Maroon Lake TH


  • Maroon Peak is a famous Colorado 14er in the Elk Range.
  • It along with North Maroon encompass the famed Maroon Bells, some of Colorado's most iconic peaks.
  • Maroon Peak is the easier of the 2 Bells to summit.
  • The two Bells are separated by about a third of a mile and both are usually counted as 14ers despite the sub-300 foot prominence of North Maroon.
  • The traverse between the two Bells is one of the four great Colorado 14er traverses. Summiting both Bells in one day via this traverse is known as "Ringing the Bells".
  • The view of the Maroon Bells from the Maroon Creek valley is one of the most famous scenes in Colorado and is reputed to be the most-photographed spot in Colorado.
  • Often called "The Deadly Bells" due to the loose, unstable, maroon-colored rock found on all routes.
"This route doesn't waist time getting you up to the summit ridge. I enjoyed the direct steep nature of the initial slope and loved the less than obvious wandering path along the summit ridge. We finished off the route by traversing to North Maroon, a fun and memorable day." - Yosemike, Aug 17, 2013
"A wonderful traverse on suspect rock. We did this on mostly in the clouds but had clearing on the descent. Start early for the Maroon Bells link up as if you have any trouble route finding it can take a while. " - ChrisMeloche, Sep 14, 1997



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