Sabah peaks

111 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Kinabalu (Low's Peak)

13,435 ft / 4,094 m

Most summited peak

Mount Kinabalu (Low's Peak)

53 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Kinabalu (Low's Peak)

13,435 ft / 4,095 m prom

Sabah summits

58 summits

First Ascent Awards

5 of 111 peaks 4%

Top climbing months

September 16%

April 15%

July 12%

Sabah mountains highlights

"We (all members of the Malaysian Mountaineering Assocoation) were allowed to spend a week or longer on the summit plateau. I summited more than a dozen peaks, Low´s Peak twice, it took me 4 hours from the trailhead and down (on aggregate as a test how I might fare on the annual climbathon in the veteran age group), because we had to first get our gear to the Layang Layang Hut. From there, after climbing Low´s Peak for the first time, we explored peaks on the Eastern Plateau such as the elusive North Peak, did several first climbs, most notably on the Phallus Peak and Andrews Peak (in rain). We" - Mount Kinabalu (Low's Peak), martinlutterjohann, Nov 11, 2017
"An incredible and unique summit. After spending the night in the rest house at ~3300 meters, woke up at 2AM with over 100 other climbers from around the world. Some surprisingly steep sections with handlines. Made it to the summit just before sunrise, the. Descended nearly 2200 meters back to the trailhead. Complete TR:" - Mount Kinabalu (Low's Peak), Christopher, Jun 29, 2017
"Arrived at Monggis Substation of Kinabalu Park on the 11th July 2016. Trekked to for 8hours to Musang Camp, a 10km distance, on the 12th July 2016 and camped there for the night. Summited Tambuyukon Peak on the 13th July. Our record time from Musang Camp to the summit was 3 hours 15 minutes. Descended to Musang Camp and put up there for another night. Descended to Monggis Substation on the 14th July 2016 by 1200 hour (our record time was 4 hours 16 minutes). The difficulties of the climb were the steep and slippery trails, going through mossy tree roots which pose high risks to injuries for cl" - Gunung Tambuyukon, cliffhanger_08, Jul 13, 2016
"Fairly easy mountain. Highly maintained by Kinabalu park, which makes it very expensive to climb. Expect to pay more than 400 USD. Sad that only the rich can currently climb it. The way up is mostly stairs and hand rails. Last part is solid granite, with ropes added for extra safety." - Mount Kinabalu (Low's Peak), ahmadnakib, Jul 10, 2016
"Absolutely great mountain! Did the standard route from Timpohon gate to Low's peak by next morning. It's actually one day hike but they don't allow it anymore. Did also that tooth-like peak by the south rim of the crown. Had to run away from the guide to do so. Very sad this mountain is so exploited. Full trip report + map: Climb Mount Kinabalu for Free:" - Mount Kinabalu (Low's Peak), DimitriosFan, Apr 20, 2016

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