8,839 ft / 2,694 m

#1 in Shkodër

#5 in Albania


6,679 ft / 2,036 m

#1 in Shkodër

#2 in Albania


8 summits

#2 in Shkodër

#4 in Albania

Top climbing months

July   50%

August   40%

October   10%


  • Maja e Jezerces is the highest peak of the Prokletije and the entire Dinaric Alps.
  • Lies in northern Albania close to the border with Montenegro.
  • To the north of the mountain are 6 beautiful lakes; the biggest is Big Lake of Buni Jezerce.
  • A large rocky peak of dolomitic limestone with summit views of the entire Prokletije in Kosovo and Montenegro.
  • Surrounded by many high peaks such as 2,490 m Maja Malisores.