4,845 ft / 1,477 m

#1,705 in Washington

#29,273 in United States


121 ft / 37 m

#709 in Washington

#8,375 in United States


142 summits

#5 in Washington

#103 in United States

Top climbing months

June   22%

August   10%

April   10%

Most climbed route

Old Mailbox Peak Trail

Class 1


  • Celebrated by masochistic Seattle-area hikers for the no-nonsense Old Mailbox Peak Trail: 4000 ft vertical gain over 2.5 miles
  • The New Mailbox Peak trail is much tamer with many switchbacks... but far longer at 4.7 miles up.
  • Yes, there's a mailbox on the summit. Do you have any mail waiting for you up there? When's the last time you checked?
  • A popular training hike in the early season to prepare for bigger Washington peaks in late summer.
  • Mailbox Peak is a sub peak of trail-less Dirtybox Peak.