9,012 ft / 2,747 m


6 summits

Top climbing months

June   50%

September  33%

May   16%

Most climbed route

Grove Creek and SW Ridge

"Went up Grove Creek Canyon to the great western trail to the far north of the mountain, then turned west and traversed the mountain from the north to the south. I got sick on the south peak and didn't think I'd make it down...but I'm still here to do another peak next week!" - Hilljr, Jun 30, 2012
"We hiked up from Grove Creek TH up to the bench. Everything I had read about the Southwest Ridge being a beast was true. We scrambled on all fours up half of it and bushwacked the other half. Made it to the ridgetop in about 3 hours. Ridgetop was completely overgrown with vegetation. Very thick. Lots of prickly pokeys and stickers. Do not wear shorts on this hike like I did. Stuck to the ridge and summited both Mahogany and North Mahogany. Took the Timpanooeke Road down to the campground. Didn't expect it to be very far. It is very far. We were two hours late and our shuttle driver" - chilledsausage, Sep 8, 2011


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