8,699 ft / 2,651 m


559 ft / 170 m


10 summits

Top climbing months

June   20%

February   20%

October   20%

Most climbed route

Bayview trail

"Beautiful hike and great weather. Hit the trail right after a bit of snow. A bit thick at the top, but hiking boots still did the trick. Careful where you walk, snow is covering bushes/rocks and can be a bit of an ankle twister." - colleenmarie512, Oct 21, 2017
"We did a short hike on the Bayview trail early in the morning. Visited Cascade Falls and climbed to Maggies Peak before the Saturday crowds got on the trail. Very nice views of Emerald Bay and South Tahoe. By noon the parking was completely zoo-y with a dash of chaos." - Nimblefoot, Jul 27, 2013


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