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Dix/Macomb Slide Trails

"This was a fantastic weekend My wife Brigitte and I wanted to do the Dix Range. We were lucky to find parking on a sunday afternoon at the Elk Lake Lodge. Our first afternoon hike took us to our camp site at Lilian Brooke. The following monday morning we started at 7h00am. Our itineray was to start the ascension of Macomb via the slides. The ascent was difficult but the view was amazing. Upon arriving at the top we saw a few hikers. 2 of them (Jimmy and Don) did the next 2 summits with us: South-Dix and Grace. We really enjoyed their company and we had a similar pace which was great." - CPaquin, Aug 20, 2018
"Trip report from the whole Dix Range traverse, included on all five logs: On Tuesday the 6th, Mom and I drove up to the Elk Lake parking lot and hiked in to the Slide Brook Lean-to. We got in sometime early evening and had the place to ourselves! It was raining, had been raining, and continued to rain into the early hours of Wednesday morning. But I'm willing to take the rain on set-up day versus hiking day. It was a little chilly at night and I had to put all my layers on to stay warm. I forgot that summer nights in the ADK can still fall into the 40's! Wednesday morning we were up at 6am a" - tscha1, Jun 7, 2017
"Solo. Macomb > S. Dix (Carson) > Grace > S. Dix (Carson) > Hough > Dix. Note pertaining to the entire day's hike - the trail register for the Dix Wilderness at Elk Lake Road was completely out of pages.. It made me uneasy to not have a place to sign in, despite having left planned trip information with Tommy & Chad before I left. I started out on the trail at about 05:15, in the dark. I'm glad I brought a light jacket as it was just about 40 degrees out (it later warmed up to a total of 70 or so this day.) The stars were absolutely beautiful in the cloudless sky and it's been awhile since I st" - kellieirene, Sep 12, 2016
"Deb and I wanted to do part of the Dix Range, I had done Dix once before so we set out to do Macomb, Carson and Gracie. Great weather, the slide up Macomb was awesome to do and very unique. The views to the East from Gracie were great. We wanted to do Hough on the way back but we missed the herd path by the summit of Carson and ended up on the Lilian Brook herd path which took us out of the way. We will catch that one in the fall when I take Deb up Dix for her 1st time." - hbotc, Jun 4, 2016
"After sleeping in my car in the parking lot, I hit the trail. Getting to the herd path went quickly. I was expecting the slide part to take longer. Surprised by how quickly I reached the summit of Macomb. Met a guy up there and we hiked together for the rest of the day. " - newenglandwarrior, May 12, 2016



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