14,695 ft / 4,479 m

#8 in Wallis

#9 in Switzerland


203 ft / 62 m

#54 in Wallis

#119 in Switzerland


3 summits

#48 in Wallis

#90 in Switzerland

Top climbing months

July   75%

September  25%

Most climbed route



  • The western peak on a 5-km ridge with two distinct peaks.
  • Lies in the Pennine Alps on the border between Switzerland and Italy.
  • Nicknamed the Menschenfresser ("people eater") due to its reputation for seriousness because of the many cornices lying on the ridge and the frequent avalanches.
  • Often climbed as a traverse from the Feliksjoch (West), to the Lisjoch (East) or vice versa. The traverse consists mostly of a narrow, snow-covered ridge, with some scrambling over rocks. In good conditions, this route is fairly easy and objectively safe, however in bad snow conditions and/or bad visibility, the ridge can be challenging because of large cornices mainly on the southern side of the ridge.