8,891 ft / 2,709 m


271 ft / 82 m


5 summits

Top climbing months

August   40%

February   20%

June   20%

Most climbed route

Traverse to/from Granite Chief

"This was the third peak of the day after Granite Chief and Needle. The talus to get up the peak wasn't bad, but the up and down between Needle and Lyon was a little soul-sucking :). We had great weather and the wildflowers are awesome right now. We saw a bear when we met up with the Tevis Cup trail, then another once we were back on the Granite Chief trail. Both ran away once we yelled though. :) Unfortunately we were too late for the tram, but we made it back to the car in one piece with very dirty feet." - kaylam87, Jun 30, 2018



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