5,967 ft / 1,819 m


567 ft / 173 m


8 summits

Top climbing months

November   25%

December   25%

January   12%

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NE ridge

"In an effort to save my poor Camry from further abuse on forest service roads, I have started bringing the MTB out peakbagging, that way, if the road ever gets too rough, I can jump on the bike to save my car! It came in handy this day. I drove the sedan down the Coxey Truck Trail to Rattlesnake Peak without too much difficulty, but eventually encountered a big rocky shelf in the road and could go no further. I jumped on the bike but the road was mostly super deep sand, which made for a good deal of slipping, swerving, and fish-tailing. I made it to the NE ridge of Luna, where I dropped the bi" - klotito, Apr 1, 2018



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