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North Peak Trail

"“Wake Me Up....When September Ends”~Green Day. 9.30.18 Bridge Mtn (#6 for me, #47 for Harlan) Multi Peak Hike. 5 Peaks. Bridge, Crest Peak (Limestone North), Sandstone North Peak, Lost Creek Peak, Baby Shark and a near Summit of Divided Sky Peak. I emailed Harlan earlier in the week to see if he could join me for this multi-peak day. I’ve always wanted to combine all these peaks in this area. Harlan has done many hikes like this and is always up for a nice sufferfest in the mountains so I was happy he said yes. Warm day but the high winds made it feel comfortable and tolerable. We gave a ver" - paula.raimondi, Sep 30, 2018
"Went back to the hike where I had a bad 35 foot fall last year and was lucky enough to walk away with "minor" injuries. No problems this time and was reminded of what a great scrambling route this is." - acekelly, Apr 1, 2018
"Hiked up with a large group to celebrate Brenda finishing her Las Vegas 52 Peaks list! Took the North Peak Trail up to North Peak, then traversed over to Lost Creek Peak. Beautiful day!" - Kevin, Feb 8, 2015
"The last of my 52 peak club peaks!!! Big group (actually 3 different groups) met up at the summit, and helped my hubby and I celebrate. Kevin lead the hike up the North Peak Trail, to North Peak summit, then over to Lost Creek. Celebrated with a Canadian theme (my roots), lots of people dressed in silly stuff, plus we brought poutine to share at the peak! Beautiful day, and was finally glad to finish all the peaks after many injury delays over the last 3 years!!!" - Brenda, Feb 8, 2015
"Dual peak hike with the 52 Peak Club. Hiked to Lost Creek Peak first, then to North Peak. Most people wore something green to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day. Fantastic weather, great fun." - Twinkles, Mar 17, 2013



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