14,259 ft / 4,346 m


2,940 ft / 896 m


156 summits

Top climbing months

August   44%

July   22%

September  9%

Most climbed route

Keyhole Route


  • As the only Colorado 14er in Rocky Mountain National Park, Longs Peak has long been of interest to hikers and climbers.
  • It is the most popular fourteener and on a given summer weekend day typically sees hundreds of ascents.
  • The easiest route, the Keyhole Route, is non-technical during the summer season.
  • The East Face of the mountain is quite steep and is surmounted by a gigantic sheer cliff known as "The Diamond" (so-named because of its shape, approximately that of a cut diamond seen from the side and inverted ).
  • Another famous profile belongs to Longs Peak: to the southeast of the summit is a series of rises which, when viewed from the northeast, resembles a beaver climbing the mountain.
"Longs Peak - Storm Peak - Mt Lady Washington (attempt) - Battle Mountain - Pine Ridge 23.61km with 1,447m gain in 8:30 car-to-car In Canada, even the mountains are polite. I have never been kicked out from the mountains in such a way: two hail and thunderstorms within just 2 or 3 hours. 1. Longs Peak, 4,360m Started with a nice weather, summited Longs in under 4 hours. Only to see a storm coming my way. Stayed at the summit not more than 2 minutes: just few photos, one text message and had to hurry down. Almost was done with the traverses and got hit with hail and rain before the keyh" - alexp, Aug 5, 2018
"A warm spring summit of Longs Peak Via the Loft Couloir and down the Keyhole.Overall the snow quality In the Loft was perfect. The backside and the Keyhole route however, were a completely different story. There was also plenty of post holing to be had in the boulder field below the Keyhole.It made for a very long day. My second summit of Longs Peak! " - IanWright, May 16, 2018
"Flew in Wednesday night from Vegas. Got about 1.5 hours of sleep sitting straight up in the car at the trailhead, then started the hike at 1am. The only real issue we had on the way up was exhaustion due to the lack of sleep. We got rained on for the last few miles back to the trailhead. " - Kevin, Aug 31, 2017
"3rd times a charm. After being snowed on at the keyhole in early September 3 years ago and rained out entirely last year, I finally had a great window of weather. Parking lot and first half mile of road was completely full when I arrived at 3am; I guess I started pretty late for this climb. Route after the keyhole is interesting. Ledges are fine, Trough is tedious, Narrows were intense, and the Homestretch was not as difficult as described. The huge flat summit of this peak is so unexpected after the variety in the route on the way up. Got hailed on for awhile on the way down, but otherw" - edg, Aug 5, 2017
"Storms over denver but clear on Longs. Got started around 4am up the keyhole. summited around 8am then after a short stay headed over to meeker then down the loft route. Back at the car around 2pm right as the storm was hitting. was number 9 on my colorado 14ers list." - Ryan_Wallace, Aug 17, 2015



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