14,259 ft / 4,346 m

#18 in Colorado

#41 in United States


2,940 ft / 896 m

#18 in Colorado

#358 in United States


156 summits

#9 in Colorado

#93 in United States

Top climbing months

August   44%

July   22%

September  9%

Most climbed route

Keyhole Route


  • As the only Colorado 14er in Rocky Mountain National Park, Longs Peak has long been of interest to hikers and climbers.
  • It is the most popular fourteener and on a given summer weekend day typically sees hundreds of ascents.
  • The easiest route, the Keyhole Route, is non-technical during the summer season.
  • The East Face of the mountain is quite steep and is surmounted by a gigantic sheer cliff known as "The Diamond" (so-named because of its shape, approximately that of a cut diamond seen from the side and inverted ).
  • Another famous profile belongs to Longs Peak: to the southeast of the summit is a series of rises which, when viewed from the northeast, resembles a beaver climbing the mountain.