12,944 ft / 3,945 m


424 ft / 129 m


11 summits

Top climbing months

July   54%

May   18%

February   9%

Most climbed route

Meysan Lake Trail

Class 2
"This was a couple of exciting days in the Whitney area. Camping at the Portal walk-in the night before, I met my first bear when he climbed onto the picnic table I was cooking my couscous on. We came to the arrangement that he should not take my food and should stop sniffing around in my tent while for my part I'd agreed to remain somewhat composed and not run for my life. Getting up the trail the next day and going full view of our route up the mountain, like a cut scene from a video game, we were presented the show of a terrible rockslide down the mountain. Despite this ominous display w" - JustinB, Jul 17, 2018
"July 4th day hike up the Southeast Slopes from Grass Lake. With the record winter, I was hoping for more snow on the scree slope and in the chute. The route was mostly snow-free, except for about 300 feet of the scree slope. Better than nothing, but this outing was mostly the standard slog. I didn't find the route nearly as loose as other trip reports make it out to be. God knows I've climbed much, much worse." - klotito, Jul 4, 2017
"Did this by the class 2 route on the North side. Not only was it brutally exhausting but the looseness of the area can make it legitimately dangerous. I wouldn't recommend taking this route if you are doing it because it seems easy. Views on the top are quite impressive as you are surrounded by 13k and 14k peaks." - Irrationalist, Oct 4, 2014
"After sleeping in and enjoying a very and much needed relaxed morning, my fiancé Kimberly and I packed our packs and headed in about 12:30pm intending to camp somewhere near Grass Lake and enjoying a relaxed evening. We arrived at Grassed Lake a couple hours later with a slight wind starting to pick up so we quickly set up the tent and started boiling some water for dinner and tea. The wind quickly grew in intensity so we ducked in our tent about 5:30 pm for the night, and reviewed maps and plans for our traverse of peaks in the morning. We woke to stunning blue skies, but there was still a" - DrBoz, May 11, 2014
"Started from Whitney Portal campground about 6am. beautiful morning, no winds, nice temps. Just before reaching the Meysan basin, started swimming in waist deep snow drifts. Took an extra few hours to reach the saddle. Winds started to pick up with gusts as high as 75 mph. From Peanut Lake to the saddle between Le Conte and Lone Pine Peak, winds were reaching 85+ from the northwest. Hurried to the peak and dropped back down to find shelter for the night." - DrBoz, Feb 8, 2014



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