11,253 ft / 3,430 m


913 ft / 278 m


33 summits

Top climbing months

September  42%

July   25%

August   20%

Most climbed route

Jacobs Ladder

"Attempted with my wife and daughter. Steep trail, hot day. We had to walk 1.5 miles up a dirt road to get to the trailhead as the road was too rough for our car. We hiked as far as we could and became exhausted because of the added miles, hot day (97 degrees). We turned back because it was too difficult to carry enough water and there are no streams or other water sources. " - RAW, Jul 4, 2018
"Fantastic hike. The summit is the smallest I've ever been on, about the size of a couple kitchen tables, complete with 600 foot cliffs on three sides. Incredible view. Long hike, took myself and my dad about 10 to 11 hours round trip." - Ecaello, Sep 3, 2016
"Started from Orson Smith trailhead, went up Cherry Canyon Logging Trail past the Outlaw Cabin and up to the peak. From the peak, we descended on Jacob's Ladder until we got to a spur trail that took us back to Cherry Canyon and back to Orson Smith." - tomsenreed, Jul 16, 2016
"Left the trail head for Jacob's Ladder at 6:15 AM in the pitch black. After passing through a meadow just east of Enniss Peak, route isn't necessarily clear. Luckily, we ran into a camp of climbers that told us to follow the cairns up toward the west ridge. That made the trek much easier. We made the summit in less than 5 hours. Amazing views at the top!" - Apcook, Sep 20, 2015
"Left from Jacob's Ladder trailhead at 7am. Long day of hiking in beautiful terrain. Reached Lone Rock and began the long slog up to the ridge. Enjoyed the views from the meadows immensely. Had a hard time keeping to a trail after that and found ourselves much too close to the wall of the cirque when we finally entered it, had to down climb to get back on the right path. Stopped for lunch before taking on the last major ascent to the final summit ridge. The last bit of scrambling to the top was pure fun, one of the best summits, if not the best summit I've ever experienced." - chilledsausage, Sep 19, 2015



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