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March   38%

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June   11%

"From Glen Road. Light passing showers on the way up. When I hit the Bay Area Ridge Trail the wind picked up and the it really started raining. I was absolutely soaked by the end of this hike - I bet this would be great in the summer!" - edg, Jan 20, 2019
"A break in the stormy weather and it was time to knock off another peak in the SF Bay Area Classic Peak Challenge. Last time I tried to trailrun up the steep Gunshot Fire Road on a 90+ degree day and had to throw in the towel only 1/8 way up (or less!). Perfect conditions today: mid-50s and cloudless; the huge amounts of recent rain were mostly gone and it was like a bonus spring of greenness. A nice broad twin summit in the middle of a cow pasture with excellent views. Recommend as a mountain bike climb." - scott, Jan 13, 2017
"Parked at the Glen Rd cove entrance. Great hike. Around 5 RT. No issues. Take a left at the water tanks, take a left at the 680 junction (the 680 trail goes right) . Thanks to the Marin Co. trail workers who clarified that the county says the top is the gate where the Loma Alta Fire Road goes left and the Bay Ridge Trail goes right. To reach the altitude of 1588, you need to go right at the gate up the Bay Ridge trail about 1/4 a mile. You'll know it just by looking around, great views south as well. No geodetic marker or signs, but you'll know :)" - puddlepirate, Nov 17, 2016



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