9,710 ft / 2,960 m


9 summits

Top climbing months

November   55%

June   11%

July   11%

Most climbed route

Logan Dry Canyon

"It was a beautiful morning to give Logan Peak a shot. I knew there was still going to be snow toward the top and I wasn't sure how long I would have to hike in until I hit the snow line. To my surprise I only hit a few patches here and there until the last mile. The snow was pretty packed and it actually made climbing up to the Peak a bit easier because I was able to shoot up a little quicker. I just dug my feet in and took the last half mile straight up. The top was pretty clear of snow by the towers, but there were drifts 20ft high in places. Going down is where the real fun was i just" - CacheMACS, Jun 2, 2017
"Started from Cowley Canyon up Right Hand Fork on mountain bikes, and rode up the road up past White Bedground and up to the Logan Peak Road. After getting within 2 miles of the peak, we had to leave our bikes because the snow was getting to be a nuisance and so we just hiked the rest of the way, getting to the top in about 4.5 hours. After getting to the top, we rode down the way we came until we got to the turnoff to Richards Hollow, and took that down to Left Hand Fork. That was a mistake because the mid in Richard Hollow was unbearable, and caked all up on our bikes. We eventually got down " - tomsenreed, Nov 5, 2016
"My brother and I went up the south ridge of Dry Canyon, up to Temple and Little Baldy, then kept following the ridge up to Logan Peak, then went down to Providence Peak, and down to Providence Canyon from there and ended up at another car at the quarry in Providence Canyon" - tomsenreed, Nov 7, 2015
"I started at the Dry Canyon Trail Head first thing in the morning. This is a very nice trail for about 3/4 of the trip. I tried a trail they are cutting in still. It still has flags up marking the way but the closer to the Peak you get the more you have to find your own way. Once the trail is complete, I believe this will be the best approach on foot. A great hike to see the Fall Colors." - CacheMACS, Sep 25, 2015
"Went up Dry Canyon with my parents and my brother, my parents stopped and turned around halfway through and my brother and I went up part of the North Syncline to the saddle and then followed the northwest ridge of Logan Peak to the peak." - tomsenreed, Nov 1, 2014


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