3,348 ft / 1,020 m

#76 in Vermont

#41,869 in United States


8 summits

#116 in Vermont

#3,057 in United States

Top climbing months

August   25%

September  25%

October   25%

Most climbed route

Little Hans Peak 14.6 mi route

14.6 mi • 2,796 ft gain


  • In 1970 a Green Mountain National Forest summer trail crew including 4 college students decided that the unnamed peak between Roosevelt and Cleveland on the Long Trail deserved a name. Partly as a joke their crew leader carved a sign with the name Little Hans Peak. Little Hans was a small puppet that the boys had been playing with. Officially the peak is still unnamed, but the name Little Hans appears in the Long Trail Guide, on maps and on the sign.
3 summits • 14.6 mi • 2,796 ft gain • 9 hr 13 min