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  • Little Bear Peak is a Colorado 14er in the Sangre de Cristo Range.
  • Little Bear is just southwest of Blanca Peak, one of the highest and most topographically prominent of the Colorado fourteeners.
  • While Little Bear itself has little more than the minimum 300 feet of prominence to qualify as a separate peak, it is notable for being one of the most technically difficult and dangerous of the fourteeners to climb; its standard route is known for being exposed to rockfall.
  • The connecting ridge to Blanca Peak is one of the four great Colorado 14er traverses.
"Hiked into Lake Como the day before and set up camp. We climbed up to the ridge in the approach gully that seemed to have the biggest concentration of snow in the area. We worked our way up to the hourglass and coordinated with another person climbing Little Bear so we could all climb it together to avoid any rockfall accidents. The hourglass had ice flowing down the center but we were able to avoid it by climbing to the left on the pretty solid rock. About half way up we discovered a huge core shot in the fixed lines that were being held together by 4 core strands. Beware if using the fi" - Yosemike, Sep 25, 2013
"This was a very satisfying climb for my party. We had put a lot of planning and effort into doing it right. We continued on to Blanca in good style. Sadly as we were descending we learned that a man had fallen to his death on the same route we came up just a few hours later. There is nothing "little" about Little Bear, especially the risks. " - ChrisMeloche, Sep 6, 1998



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