8,458 ft / 2,578 m


280 ft / 85 m


21 summits

Top climbing months

August   31%

July   27%

September  18%

Most climbed route

NE flank rocks

"Added on a quick scramble up the northeast slopes of Little Annapurna to a one day Enchantments Traverse. Incredible views from the summit dropping off to the south and west to the only view of Mt Stuart all day. Highlight was "slab skiing" huge granite slabs most of the way down: friction running , jumping gaps, and in general killing our knees with huge impact. An awesome side trip to add the necessary summit to an almost 20 mile day. (33 min up, 25 down)" - scott, Sep 16, 2014
"From Witches Tower, I traversed over to Little Annapurna. The slopes of Little Annapurna are gentle from the West and North. There are paths leading to the top. Great view to the South." - MangyMarmot, Sep 7, 2012


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