538 ft / 164 m


320 ft / 98 m


1 summit

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August   100%

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Lithgow Hill (road)

"Not a long hike--it took only about 25 minutes total to walk to the top and back down again. The path follows a gravel road called--what else--Lithgow Hill, off of Foye Road near the Hallowell-Manchester line. You can park on Foye and just walk right up the road to the summit, where there is a house. The summit has a very nice view to the west/WNW, but the road itself offers no views until the top (it is a dead end road). Do be wary of poison ivy on the shoulder of the road. All in all, a pleasant short hike if you are in the area. " - Badgerinmaine, Aug 20, 2015


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