5,760 ft / 1,756 m


1,080 ft / 329 m


14 summits

Top climbing months

January   28%

September  14%

February   14%

Most climbed route

PCT from Pine Cyn Rd

"Although the Pacific Crest Trail is hiked by thousands of people per day, I had the entire mountain and this short section of the trail to myself. The hike is a gradual climb where along the way I attracted swarms of black flies that surrounded me like a buzzing cloud. This allowed me to add swatting to my hike, which in a way, added upper body exercise to my daily workout. Liebre Mountain is a whaleback mountain, whereby its summit is long, similar to a ridge. At a signed junction, I took the right fork that left the Pacific Crest Trail and arrived at the dirt road near the top, which is also" - Peak-Conquistador, Sep 14, 2017
"Beautiful hike up Pacific Crest Trail from Pine Canyon Road. The scenery and view from the mountain's north-facing slope is spectacular towards the northwest, viewing the Tehachapi Mountains, Mt.Pinos, Frazier Mountain, The San Emigdio Mountains (all in north Ventura County/south Kern County), then to the Antelope Valley and Mojave Desert to the north, and to more Mojave Desert and maybe even the southern Sierra Nevada to the northeast. The landscape ranges from rugged chaparral to fall-coloring oaks, Bigcone Douglas-Firs and Gray Pines enroute. About midway up, there is the Horse Campgrou" - brianpowell, Nov 12, 2016
"With a heat wave heating SoCal this weekend, I sought out the coolest area in striking distance that I could find: Palmdale. I started with Liebre, a bit further east, then drove (a bit more than I had anticipated) toward Palmdale to get Mount McDill. Liebre was a lovely hike. Plenty of green, plenty of shade, nice views of poppies blooming down in the valley. I only saw one other hiker (and one deer). The short dirt road to the trailhead is a bit gnarly, but my Honda Accord made it just fine. (Alternatively, one could drive just a teeny bit farther east on N2 (Pine Canyon Road). Where " - HikerMark, Mar 14, 2015



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