8,022 ft / 2,445 m


2,000 ft / 610 m


4 summits

Top climbing months

September  50%

April   25%

October   25%

Most climbed route

North Ogden Divide

"A perfect day to be out hiking the Temp. reached a high of 65 and only saw two others on the trail all day. We put in 12 miles exploring the area and out to the peak. Great Hike!" - CacheMACS, Sep 18, 2015
"My parents lived in the shadow of this peak & always wanted to climb it. I flew out from DC for a visit & we made the trek up. I had my big zoom lens & we could zoom into my parent's house. Despite putting on sunblock, I got horribly sunburned to the point my legs turned purple. My feet swelled up so much, I couldn't put on shoes for a few days. " - StudioHoodoo, Sep 10, 2001


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